Whose Plan Is It?


Dear Editor:
During the late 1990s through the early 2000s, the citizens of Willis Wharf met in a series of community planning exercises and village meetings to structure a vision for their community. The vision progressed into the current planning and zoning requirements. With the exception of those who have by now passed away, the makeup of the community has changed very little since that time.
As the owner of more than a half dozen properties in Willis Wharf and an active participant of the community, this proposed zoning is not “my plan” nor would it seem to be the plan of the lifelong members of this community. Which begs the question: Whose pan is it?
Someone else must have a major financial interest in creating this new zoning opposed to the members of the community. Whose pockets are being filled if this plan materializes? Who is the “YOUR” bending the ears of the planning commission?
Rural villages along the waterways have been lost due to the very nature of their charm, reminding me of so many folks I have encountered in nearly 40 years of real estate sales and brokerage. Those are the ones who say “our area was once like this but is no more” and then want to change things to mirror what they have left.
If we make the Shore like every other water-related community where will be the value and the charm and the uniqueness?
Thomas Bonniwell
Belle Haven

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