Salvation Army Is Here To Help


Dear Editor:

The Salvation Army is motivated by a love for God and a concern for the needs of all humanity. This motivation is expressed in the Salvation Army’s work.

Its purposes are to preach, teach, provide, and work. The Salvation Army gladly helps all people in need, regardless of race, culture, sex, or age.

The monies collected locally are used on the Shore for Shore residents only. We provide assistance to those in need of help with fuel, electricity, emergency housing, and many other unforeseen needs.

We provided back-to-school clothing for at least 25 families and supplied Christmas toys and food for more than 100 families.

The Salvation Army has also partnered with the Interfaith Council of Churches and together we have filled many other needs of county residents.

The Coalition Against Domestic Violence has also received funding from the Salvation Army to help support its efforts to end domestic abuse.

Please continue to support the local service unit and together we can help keep our community needs met. Won’t you consider joining us as a member or a bell ringer this year? Local meetings are held every third Friday of the month at 11 a.m. at Mary N. Smith Cultural Enrichment Center in Accomac.

Leah Trader
Chair Salvation Army Accomack Services Unit

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