United Way Needs You


Dear Editor:

Our United Way fundraising campaign is ongoing. As you are well aware, the pandemic has created loss of income for a lot of our residents. Most charities have seen significant increases in the number of people who require assistance. At the same time, pandemic restrictions have caused many charities to cancel fundraising events. Through the ES United Way, you can help provide funds to these charities.

Because the need is enormous in Accomack and Northampton Counties, we have doubled our goal to $500,000. This is a tall order, and we need a lot of help to achieve it. Please prayerfully consider giving generously. You can make a pledge to be paid in installments over the course of 2021 if you like.

United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore funds only LOCAL charities — those that have a direct impact on ES citizens, unless you direct us to send your money elsewhere. You can make a general contribution or you can designate some of your gift to go to specific organizations you want to fund. For example, one might give $350 through United Way and designate $50 to each of five different local groups and the other $100 to United Way’s general fund. The general fund is allocated by a committee of committed local people who investigate which organizations can help the most people with housing, food, and medical and other benefits. Any legitimate local 501(c)3 organization can apply.

Applications, pledge forms and even a donation ‘button’ are available at  www.esunitedway.org If you have questions, call Dawn Byrd, our Executive Director, at 787-5622 or you can call me, John, at 710-2489.

Will you help? The Shore Needs You NOW!

John W. Fiege, Onancock

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