Electoral College Protects Minority


Dear Editor:

This responds to the op-ed of Brian Bloedel, Eastern Shore Post. Dec. 18, 2020, “Electoral College is Broken.”

Word count policy of ES Post does not permit full response to Mr. Bloedel’s misunderstanding of founders intent, the Constitution, and the Electoral College. However, with penchant for pithiness, I suggest he needs to read:

1. Article 2. Sec. 1 whereas Constitution mandates state legislatures write the rules; not governors, boards of election … etc. as was unlawfully done in 2020 election.

2. Article 4, Sec. 4 where it is mandated every state must guarantee a “republican” form of governance. Meaning a representative democracy.

3. Federalist Paper 10 (James Madison) whereas all the founders rejected a “democratic” form of governance. Meaning 51% has, and always will, fail.

4. Electors are chosen by political parties and, by popular vote, the winning candidate(s) take all (Except 2 states).

5. Sixteen states have circumvented electoral college as now operated by passing legislation requiring all electors vote for candidate winning national popular vote. Effect is trend to national popular vote.

The purpose of the electoral college system and a republican form of governance was to protect minority interest(s). If national popular vote determined, in 2016, 5 counties in New York City would have elected Clinton. If electoral college is eliminated, a half dozen large urban areas could/would have 51% of popular vote majority. There would be no need to campaign in 40 states which would be reduced to flyover. It ain’t broke so don’t fix.

Charles A. Landis, Onancock

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