Racist Not Welcome Here


Dear Editor:

I would like to address the person who committed an act of aggression against our family at the end of September.

Were you the one who trespassed on our property late Friday night/early Saturday morning, Sept. 25-26? Were you the one that tore our flagpole down and stole our Black Lives Matter flag that we have proudly flown for the last 7 weeks?

If so, you didn’t win. You may think you won. You damaged our property, you stole our flag that you didn’t agree with. In your mind I think you believe you won.

Quite the opposite, actually. What you did was prove to our children, family, and friends the exact reason why we were flying that flag. What you did was show our children that not only do hatefilled racist people still live in our nation — they live in our neighborhood –
they live in our community. And THEY are the ones destroying property.

What you did was prove us right. You helped us teach a lesson to our children. You taught us more than the flag did.

What you didn’t do was win.

Our new flag arrives any day now and we will fly it again. And again. And again. Because even if you don’t believe it, Black Lives Matter. They matter to me even if they mean nothing to you.

Go be racist somewhere else, you aren’t welcome here.

Stephanie Zodun,
Belle Haven

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