County Should Pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Dear editor and local staff:

I want to say great job to Sheriff Doughty, his team, and all concerned citizens who came to support the Second Amendment rights at the Dec. 10 Board of Supervisors meeting. It was an important step and move in the right direction to draft and sign a resolution in this regard.

I served in the world’s greatest Navy for the United States of America for 20 years as many have ­done before me and still are, in all the branches of the military. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of preserving our Constitution and those who fight for it every day around the world and at home. I would strongly encourage the Board of Supervisors not side step the Second Amendment sanctuary idea, as time is moving quickly.

Case in point being, for example, the current state government could pass their selected laws and they could be worded as such, that those counties and cities who did not declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries on or before the date of a selected law being passed, may no longer be permitted to declare themselves a Second Amendment sanctuary.

I am simply saying it could go that way if they vote for it. That is why we need to move forward and make our county a Second Amendment sanctuary, vice just having a resolution and wishing there will be no change. Once again, this is just an example of what could be done.

I understand there are those on both sides of the debate, but this is my view.

John Woolaver, MA
USN Retired
Cape Charles

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