Childress Is ‘Stable’ Choice for Treasurer


Dear Editor:

I am pleased to offer this recommendation and my support for Brandy Childress and her quest to become the next Accomack County Treasurer.

Brandy is an extraordinary woman who possesses intelligence, sensitivity, and leadership skills that well position her for elected office. She is a very pleasant person, and her genuine concern for others is reflected in the positive attitudes of friends and family alike.

I have known Brandy for more than 25 years. She is from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and in my opinion, represents a stable choice for long-tenured service to the citizens of Accomack County.  Brandy has a solid plan to bring changes to the treasurer’s office that represent real dollars to our schools and community.

I believe Brandy will approach this opportunity with the same determination and enthusiasm she has displayed in every endeavor to which she turns her attention. I believe Brandy to be an outstanding candidate, and I encourage your favorable consideration of her bid to become Treasurer of Accomack County.

John Parks, Accomac

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