Thornton Hoops 1,000 Points with Ponies


Story and Photo by Krystle Bono

Chincoteague Ponies senior varsity basketball star, and all-around standout, three-sport athlete Caroline Thornton, hit the 1,000 point marker Feb. 12, during the team’s district tournament court battle in Eastville, in which the girls would go on to win a second straight district title.

Such a milestone was something Thornton wasn’t sure she’d get to.

“It was pretty exciting. I didn’t think I would reach it, honestly, I really didn’t think I was going to get there, but I’m really happy I did,” said Thornton.

Thornton has numerous All-District accolades under her belt during her time with the Ponies across numerous basketball, softball, and volleyball seasons, even earning Player of the Year.

Her senior season on the court totaled a point count of 345, with 105 rebounds, 42 assists, 88 steals, and 11 blocks, and finished her high school basketball tenure with 1,022 points.

“It’s such an aggressive game. It’s never dull; there is always something going on. It amps everyone up, even everyone in the crowd,” noted Thornton.

Thornton wants to continue to play in the future, but noted that her preference is for a club or intermural team. As for where she will be next year, she has not decided; she has been accepted to Eastern Carolina University and is awaiting a decision from the University of Virginia.

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