Northam Not a Racist


Dear Editor:
Ralph Northam is not a racist. Any thoughtful review of his life’s work, his family, his careers in the military and in medicine, as well as his kindness and openness to working politically with both sides of the aisle speak volumes about his good character and are a total disconnect with a photo from 35 years ago.
Racism, omnipresent for generations in this country, exists along a spectrum, from subtle even unconscious manifestations to toxic violent acting out. An example toward the latter defines our president. His campaign for the presidency started with his disrespect for Mr. Obama’s election, claiming without evidence that Mr. Obama was not born in this country. He failed, and continues to fail, to understand how uplifting Mr. Obama’s election and re-election was to the majority of American voters. His elections represent the closest our country has ever come to fulfilling the promise of the Declaration “all men (let’s add women) are created equal.” To make such unremitting effort to undo our finest moment is unAmerican, and since we are talking about an African-American president, it is malignant racism.

John Bulette, Accomac

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