Delegate’s Column Misleading


Dear Editor:

It’s beyond disappointing to see Delegate Bloxom, in his last newsletter, distort the truth about late-term abortion in Virginia and denigrate physicians’ ethics, indicating that proposed legislation would have allowed the doctor performing a late-term abortion to “benefit monetarily from the procedure.” Bloxom’s statement is an insult to physicians and a cruelty to parents.
Further, it imagines a problem which doesn’t exist. According to the Virginia Department of Health, although third-trimester abortions are technically legal in the state, there have been NONE in the last three years. None.
Consider the position of the parents. The mother has carried the fetus for close to nine months only to find that it is severely deformed or that its delivery would very possibly kill her. Their decision, and their doctor’s advice, is excruciatingly difficult. It’s hard to imagine a doctor who’d be thinking about the size of his paycheck in that situation.
It’s a cruel disservice to the doctor and to those parents for Del. Bloxom to distort this truth and paint the issue in terms he thinks will serve him politically.

Al McKegg, Onancock

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