NORTHAMPTON: Crudup honored with state historical marker

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup

Among the seven new historical markers coming to roadsides in Virginia are signs that will highlight three distinct communities founded by formerly enslaved African Americans after the Civil War; the City of Richmond’s first municipal African burial ground; and the life and work of Arthur Crudup, a 20th-century blues musician of the Eastern Shore whose song “That’s All Right” launched the career of Elvis Presley.

The marker will be near Nassawadox. 

Crudup, a blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter, supported his family as a laborer and farm worker and moved to Franktown around 1960. 

He toured internationally and performed with his sons James, George, and Jonas as The Malibus in Weirwood and Nassawadox. He died March 28, 1974, and his gravesite is near Franktown. 

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