LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another view on a billboard under scrutiny


To the editor:

I write in response to the letter to the editor in the June 9 edition of the Eastern Shore Post, “Billboard is in poor taste,” wherein the self-proclaimed God-fearing author decried the Historic Palace Theatre’s billboard near the Kiptopeke Elementary School as being overly suggestive in its imagery.  

I do not find the image to be as suggestive, let alone corruptive, as described.  But that evaluation is both subjective and ancillary to my point.

In the letter the author asserts that “any sane, rational adult who is seeing what is going on in the school system throughout this country, and on children’s television shows, and on the outfits available at Target, (sees) what this is — it’s grooming.”

Sane, rational adults fear neither God nor sexuality.   

Sane, rational adults don’t perceive plots to groom sexually at every turn, because adults who are sane and rational don’t view the world through the lenses of prudishness and xenophobic paranoia.  

And sane, rational adults won’t be the people offended and angered by my words, because I haven’t written anything that would offend or anger a sane, rational adult.

William Nicholson

Troy, Va.

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