Listen to Jan. 6 Select Committee


Dear Editor:

As a teenager and an adult, I have lived a life associated with the military. I learned a lot about integrity, honesty, and ethics. After 30-plus years in the Navy, I could not think of a better career that I can look back at for insights into our current turbulent times.

The division, anger, and disregard for the truth is putting our nation and democracy at risk. If democracy is weakened, the freedoms we hold dear will also be threatened. My plea to my friends and neighbors is to listen for the truth as we hear what the House select committee investigating Jan. 6 has to say over these next several weeks.

I am grateful that Congresswoman Elaine Luria is on the Jan. 6 committee. She is an honorable person who also served faithfully as a naval officer. Her presence gives me confidence that what the Jan. 6 committee is telling us is important.

In the end, you will decide what to believe. All I ask that you listen and keep an open mind. If we do face a threat to our democracy, we had better face that threat together versus divided.

Sam Norton, Capt., U.S. Navy Retired

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