School Stands Proud


Dear Editor:

Here I go again. I am reminded today of how much, as students, we cared for Accomac School. I remember the day it was discovered that someone had with a crayon drawn a line on the shiny tan tile that covered the lower half of the walls in the halls of Accomac School. The mark went from the corner of Miss Eliza’s second grade classroom all the way to the auditorium door. Our little mouths were wide open in shock. How could anyone deface our school? The culprit was soon caught, the mark easily removed because the tiles were easy to clean and all went back to normal. I never saw graffiti on bathroom stalls either, and they are always graffiti magnets. We cared for our school and we took care of our school.

What happened? Fast forward to present. What I’m hearing from the Accomack School Board is that the inside of the building would have to be gutted for renovations. What I’m hearing from people who have been inside the building is that it has been severely abused, using it as a dump for unwanted and discarded stuff. Did a bunch of little kids take better care of Accomac School than the appointed or elected body that had a responsibility to its constituents to take care of its property?

One last thing: Thank you to our Board of Supervisors member Robert Crockett for at least suggesting that a study be done to determine the true condition of the building. She’s a proud lady and is up to the challenge. Please join her in her effort to continue to stand proud and beautiful.

Barbara Haynes,

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