Little Farm Rescue and Sanctuary Provides Compassionate Care


Dear Editor:

Some of your readers may have heard of the Little Farm Rescue and Sanctuary in Machipongo, but they may not know of the wonderful things that happen there.

It was just a year ago that the founders of the rescue, Katie and Les Cook, moved their family along with 100 animals from Ojai, Calif., to Machipongo to escape the wildfires and poor air quality, and to be closer to family. They sold their home in California and purchased a 115-acre farm in Machipongo. That was just the beginning of the story that is now a year old.

Their journey has been exciting, rewarding, and sometimes frustrating, and they have forged new friendships along the way. Farmland has been replaced with outbuildings and shelters for animals along with several pastures. Rain, snow, and even more rain hindered daily routines as everyone battled the mud, but they persevered. Animals can be seen in their spaces happy, well-fed, loved, and healthy, yet all of them are recovering from the atrocities of previous owners.

The animals’ stories bring tears to the eyes of volunteers and founders who take care of them daily. Starved, beaten, worked into the ground, wounds that were not addressed, abandoned, and forgotten are just some of what these animals once experienced before coming to the Little Farm Rescue. The work of rescue organizations can be both rewarding and heartbreaking. Some animals are able to survive and flourish while others suffer cruelties that prevent their full recovery.

The Little Farm Rescue is a nonprofit depending solely on donations to support the animals. This includes maintenance health checks and hoof trimmings, special diet feed and medicines, hay, and emergency vet care, just to name a few. It costs approximately $6,000 to feed all the animals for just one month.

The founders of the Little Farm Rescue DO NOT receive any salary or compensation for the work they do daily. Their own investment is in the farm they purchased and it is their true dedication, compassion, and love of animals that they complete the work they do. When monthly donations don’t meet the expenses, it is the founders who make up the difference using their own funds.

This past year has brought many challenges, but they are very grateful for the family, friends, and volunteers who have helped them along the way.

I am proud to say that I am a TEAM LITTLE FARM member. Thank you Katie and Les for your commitment to animals! Readers may follow their work on Facebook under the Little Farm Rescue.

Gwen Coghill,
Cape Charles

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