Vikings and Warriors Place in Norfolk Meet

Two runners, one Viking and one Warrior, sprint during the girls 4x100 meter relay. Submitted photo.

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The Ken Lampert All-Comers Meet took place Saturday, April 30, at Norfolk Academy. The meet had 21 schools from Richmond to the Eastern Shore in attendance. The following athletes from Broadwater Academy and Nandua placed in the meet:

Boys Results

100-Meter Dash: Jordan Jones 12.08 (Nandua), Colby Duncan 12.48 (Nandua), Willie Holden 12.55 (Broadwater)

200-Meter Dash: Colby Duncan 25.69 (Nandua), Kennis Bailey 26.10 (Nandua)

400-Meter Dash: Jordan Jones 52.56 (Nandua), David Gastelum 58.80 (Nandua)

800-Meter Run: Ethan Burgess 2:36.23 (Broadwater), Miles Brickhouse 2:37.49 (Broadwater)

1,600-Meter Run: Carlo Balmoria 4:53.55 (Nandua), Conner Lee 5:56.39 (Nandua)

3,200-Meter Run: Brayden Shotwell 10:59.67 (Nandua)

300-Meter Hurdles: Conner Lee 56.95 (Nandua)

4×100-Meter Relay: Nandua 48.52

4×400-Meter Relay: Nandua 3:52.77, Broadwater 4:19.95

4×800-Meter Relay: Nandua 9:38.62, Broadwater 10:26.29

Long Jump: Diesel Frisch 19-6 (Nandua), Bradyn Washington 17-4 (Broadwater), Willie Holden 16-5 (Broadwater)

Shot Put: Nicholas Hutchinson 42-0 (Nandua), JaQuan Thomas 37-11 (Nandua), Umari Bailey 37-5 (Nandua), Jhyzir Heath 36-1 (Nandua), Jaylen Jackson 31-5 (Nandua), Logan Arnold 30-10 (Broadwater)

Discus: Derrick Harmon 113-1 (Nandua), Dahleal Harmon 105-3 (Nandua), KyLeak Robinson 98-1 (Nandua), Ture Gustafson 95-1 (Broadwater), Logan Arnold 89-4 (Broadwater)

Girls Results

100-Meter Dash: Rylee Coates 13.14 (Broadwater), Amiyzah Harmon 13.91 (Nandua), Janayia Rogers 14.66 (Nandua), Katie Henderson 15.33 (Broadwater)

200-Meter Dash: Rylee Coates 27.38 (Broadwater), Amiyzah Harmon 28.93 (Nandua), Kallie Williams 32.65 (Nandua)

400-Meter Dash: Lacy Gouldin 1:18.12 (Nandua), Madison Fitzgerald 1:28.36 (Nandua)

800-Meter Run: Olivia Gaskin 3:22.69 (Broadwater), Elena Buckner 4:05.78 (Nandua)

1,600-Meter Run: Elena Buckner 8:30.94 (Nandua)

100-Meter Hurdles: Taylor Thornes 18.66 (Nandua), Lindsey Smith 19.53 (Broadwater)

300-Meter Hurdles: Taylor Thornes 51.07 (Nandua), Faith Johnson 52.39 (Broadwater)

4×100-Meter Relay: Nandua 54.18, Broadwater 54.85

4×400-Meter Relay: Broadwater 5:18.58

4×800-Meter Relay: Broadwater 13:27.64

High Jump: Leah Smith 4-4 (Broadwater)

Pole Vault: Rylee Coates 9-0 (Broadwater), Leah Smith 5-6 (Broadwater), Carly Williams 5-0 (Broadwater)

Long Jump: Rylee Coates 16-3 (Broadwater), Faith Johnson 15-10 (Broadwater), Kallie Williams 13-9.75 (Nandua), Katie Henderson 13-6 (Broadwater)

Triple Jump: Rylee Coates 34-9.75 (Broadwater), Faith Johnson 31-5.25 (Broadwater) Kallie Williams 27-10 (Nandua)

Shot Put: Brittany Dennis 28-3 (Nandua), Madison Johnson 26-1 (Nandua), Rylee Coates 25-8 (Broadwater), Leah Smith 24-2 (Broadwater)

Discus: Madison Johnson 82-8 (Nandua), Angelia Joynes 78-11 (Nandua), Faith Johnson 70-6 (Broadwater), Leah Smith 70-6 (Broadwater)

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