Accomack County Circuit Court Indictments


By Nancy Drury Duncan – 

Bail was denied for Jaheem Snead, 19, of Onancock. He is charged with shooting from a vehicle into an occupied vehicle while driving on U.S. Route 13 near Parksley in April 2021. 

He failed to keep required appointments with pretrial services and failed screenings for alcohol use, said his pretrial probation officer. “This was a violent offense,” said Substitute Judge Glen A. Tyler. “Bail is denied.” 


Teresa L. Haynie, 63, of Bloxom, was found guilty of misdemeanor contempt of court and fined $100. Haynie failed to appear in court when summoned for jury duty and then failed to appear in court when served with a show-cause order. A capias (warrant) for her arrest was issued. 

Haynie came to court to say she had numerous medical issues and appointments as does her mother, for whom she said she provides care. According to testimony, she contacted the clerk of court with that information and was told to provide an excuse from her doctor. She never did that. 

“This is a simple process,” said Judge Tyler. “You get a summons for a particular day. You contact the clerk’s office if you have a problem. The clerk can decide. You did not do these simple things. You failed to appear two times. A doctor never sent an excuse as the clerk told her to do. She failed to appear for a show cause. A capias or arrest warrant was sent. She is in contempt of court.” 


Antalf Nottingham, 43, of Nassawadox, will spend two years in jail for felony eluding and possession of cocaine. According to the terms of a January plea agreement, he pleaded guilty to the eluding charge. A charge of possession with intent to distribute was amended to simple possession. 

On December 16, 2020, an agent of the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force was talking to a man in the parking lot of a Belle Haven business. The man was to be a confidential informant working for the task force. Nottingham pulled into the parking lot, then sped away. Police and the task force agent pursued his vehicle. They saw something thrown from the car. 

Nottingham crossed U.S. Route 13 without stopping. His car went airborne when crossing the railroad track, said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney William Fox. A search of his car found a number of $20 bills and marijuana. The item thrown from his car was located and found to contain 3.32 grams of cocaine, Fox told the court. 

At Nottingham’s sentencing hearing Fox said Nottingham had a criminal history that was “quite concerning” including robbery, burglary, and concealed weapons charges. Judge Tyler sentenced him to 30 days for possession of cocaine and five years, with all but two years suspended, for felony eluding. He ordered him to be on good behavior for five years. 


Vassean Maurice Armstrong, 39, of Oak Hall, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery in a plea agreement with the commonwealth. A charge of abduction was not prosecuted according to the terms of the agreement. 

In August 2021, deputies responded to a call from a woman at a family reunion on Nock’s Landing Road saying she was assaulted. “The victim did not wish to pursue these charges,” said defense attorney Tucker Watson. “He [Armstrong] did not want her to be forced to testify.” 

“You refused to allow her to go,” said Judge Tyler referring to the nolle prossed (dismissed) charge of abduction. “That is a serious felony. Count to 10 next time you get angry,” he told Armstrong. He sentenced Armstrong to 12 months in jail and suspended six of those months. 


Benito Thomas Flores, 36, of Exmore, pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance, and larceny of property with a value less than $1,000. Police responded to a call May 27, 2021, from an Onancock woman who said she loaned her truck to Flores and he failed to return it, said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Fox. He said Flores gave numerous excuses when she repeatedly called him, he finally blocked her telephone number. 

The blue Ford truck was seen by police in the T’s Corner area and Flores was arrested. When he was searched, officers found a small bag of crack cocaine. A presentence investigation report was ordered and the case was continued to May 19.

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