Shore Food and Drinks Recommended


Dear Editor:

Spring has sprung, skies are blue, and the sun is bright. A few favorites of mine are always serving up some good vittles. In Cape Charles, The Bakery on Mason is open on Saturday and Sunday currently. Folks, I will tell, you will not get a better loaf of sourdough bread anywhere on the Eastern Shore. I bought two of them and the basque cheesecake is a must for the sweet tooth.

Next, the Machipongo Trading Company about 8 miles north of Cape Charles on Route 13, has an array of unique candy, cookies, chips, and craft beer to go. Fresh everything bagels and fresh made vegetable chili are favorites of mine. The peach and mango smoothies are perfect on any hot or cool day.

In both of these places the fresh baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee options are superb. A ton of deliciousnous is right inside their doors.

The Barrier Islands Center, is probably my favorite place to spend time on the lower Shore. One could spend all day here and not get bored inside this museum. Located on the opposite side of the Machipongo Trading Company, slightly off Route 13 south, the exhibits are well-curated and give a realistic feel of times past on the barrier islands. This a great stop for the scout troop on a weekend trip or maybe just when taking a scenic or random drive.

Quail Cove Farms is a country store with old-world Amish character, just a short drive from the Machipongo Trading Company just off Route 13 north. Fresh produce, fruits, ice cream, and dessert and a large selection of poultry, pork, and red meat await shoppers. The focus is organic and healthy foods. Don’t forget to try some of Bill’s famous donuts on Saturday afternoons — you will eat the entire container! These are healthy donuts.

Finally, Chatham Vineyards & Winery is a 3- or 4-mile drive off of Route 13 south as the crow flies past the Barrier Islands Center. The steel barrel chardonnay and the rose are magically delicious paired with some local oysters. I also prefer the taste of the cabernet-Franc, which pairs well for cooking an au poivre dish or Italian pasta sauce. The vintner’s blend is a deep subtle robust red, which is perfect by the fireplace during the fall and winter months.

John Woolaver,
Cape Charles

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