Accomack County Circuit Court Indictments


By Nancy Drury Duncan – 

A charge of malicious maiming was dismissed against Corbin Kenji Drummond Jr., 42, of Atlantic. 

In a case described by defense attorney Carl Bundick as an example of “life on Wishart’s Point Road,” Drummond was charged with stabbing neighbor Wayne Marshall. 

Testimony was that the two men and their families, who lived on that road near the town of Atlantic, had been feuding for years. Marshall, the alleged victim, testified that he drove past Drummond who was walking along the road. He said Drummond spit on his car as he drove by. Marshall said he backed up and got out of his car to confront him. A fight ensued. Marshall ended up with stab wounds and Drummond with head injuries, both injuries serious enough to require a trip to the hospital. 

Drummond told police Marshall hit him in the head with a pipe or stick wrapped with orange tape. He said he stabbed Marshall with his pocketknife to stop the attack. 

On the witness stand, Marshall said the two of them rolled down an incline beside the road still fighting. Marshall was combative when questioned about the details by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney William Fox and by Bundick. He testified that Drummond stabbed him and said he did not strike him first or ever. 

Drummond told police he used his pocketknife in self-defense. 

Bundick made a motion to strike the charge of malicious maiming. He said Drummond was defending himself and that both men ended up in the hospital. 

After hearing from both attorneys, Judge W. Revell Lewis III granted Bundick’s motion to dismiss the charge against Drummond. “You presented evidence indicating it was a toss-up,” he told Fox. 


Thomas Roosevelt Bunting, convicted in 2011 for the aggravated sexual battery of his 11-year-old cousin, will serve two years in jail for his third violation of the terms of his probation. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan said Bunting left the Eastern Shore and went out drinking with friends at the Victory Poker Lounge in Portsmouth, Va. He said also that Bunting has not made a safety plan as required for a registered sex offender to spend time with his young daughter. 

On the witness stand, Bunting apologized and attributed his failure to hold a job for more than a few months at a time and for not making a safety plan to the fact he “was going through a lot.” He said a girlfriend burned down his home with all his belongings inside but was never charged and his best friend had died. 

Morgan said Bunting has a criminal history beginning when he was a juvenile. He told the court Bunting was hospitalized as a juvenile with a blood alcohol level of .45, almost six times the legal limit of .08. 

“You are required to have supervised contact with a child,” said Judge Lewis. “You did not make a safety plan.” He listed all the dates Bunting was reminded to do so and did not comply. He re-imposed the 12 years and three months of his original sentence and re-suspended all but two years of that time. He ordered Bunting to be on supervised probation for five years when released. 

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