Historic School Merits Preservation


Dear Editor:

It was very enlightening to see that the two proposals, one for reconstruction and the other for demolition and rebuilding (a much smaller structure) at the current Accomac Primary School property, were so close in price. Personally, I much favor the saving of those beautifully architectured buildings as opposed to putting up those cold, sterile, eyesores made of metal.

Accomac is a historic town filled with beautiful buildings and wonderful history. The main road leading in to Accomac, the same road that the school sits on, is filled with beautiful homes that are kept in perfect condition to maintain the grace and beauty of the town. It was bad enough when the school system placed those temporary units on the property, making the main entrance into the town look like a trailer park, but now they want to demolish that beautiful building and put up another even larger metal one to seal the deal. This is Accomac. A historical town. I’m sure that the people who live there don’t want what resembles a car dealership, with a large parking lot facing them when they come home every day.

I encourage everyone to join me by contacting your county supervisors and your Accomack County School Board member to voice your opinion and help preserve this beautiful part of Accomack County history.

Connie Burford,

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