Broadwater Vikings Pick Up Pair of Wins Monday Over Stonebridge

Leah Smith moves the ball down the court during a fast break.

Story and Photos by Adolphus Ames – 

The Broadwater Vikings picked up a couple of wins Monday night in a double-header matchup with Stonebridge Cavaliers. 

Stakes were high for the girls varsity basketball team, where a victory had the potential to move the Vikings up in playoff seeding. The Vikings defeated Stonebridge 35-25. 

During the first quarter, both the Vikings and Cavaliers struggled to generate offense underneath each other’s defensive pressure. The Vikings managed to end the quarter with a 5-2 lead. 

In the second quarter, the Vikings played with an up-tempo offense that the Cavaliers failed to defend. At halftime, the Vikings were on top 19-5. In the second half, the Vikings’ defense continued to pressure the Cavaliers, forcing them to commit several turnovers and contested shots. The Cavaliers attempted to mount a fourth quarter comeback. Through a series of layups, they shrunk the Vikings’ lead to 27-20, but the Vikings managed to keep the game just out of reach and pick up the win in the final minutes. 

Leah Smith led the offense with 16 points, four rebounds, and two steals. Suzanna Long earned 7 points, six rebounds, and four steals. Taylor Leland had 7 points and one rebound. 

Following the girls game, the Vikings boys varsity basketball team also faced Stonebridge. The Vikings jumped out to a dominant first half, taking a 45-15 lead. In the second half, the Vikings outscored the Cavaliers 28-22 to win the game with a final score of 73-37. 

Kolby Evans led the Vikings’ offense with 14 points, four rebounds, three assists, and one steal. Braden Justice had 11 points, four rebounds, three assists, and one steal. Willie Holden earned 11 points, four rebounds, three assists, and two steals. Bradyn Washington had 10 points, five rebounds, two assists, and one steal. Levin Smith earned 10 points, six rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

Levin Smith dunks the ball early in the first quarter.
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