Get Rid of 2.5% Grocery Tax


Dear Editor: 

In “Eggs and Issues Takes Political Pulse” (Dec. 10 issue), Del. Robert Bloxom explained, inadvertently, what is wrong with government at all levels. 

He explained about half of the grocery tax, currently 2.5%, benefits localities. No doubt these political deals are done to get support, but each government should tax only for its own area. 

As an example, county and town roads would be taken care of by their taxes only, Virginia state roads would be taken care of by state taxes only, and interstate highways would be taken care of by federal taxes only. 

Moving funds between governments, as is currently done, just creates more waste in the process and makes it difficult for the public to know the twists and turns of the process. That last part, no doubt, is by design. 

It is time to kill the 2.5% food tax, which hurts the poor the most, as everyone has to buy food. 

No more excuses.

J. Trent Corbett, Chester, Va. formerly of Onancock

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