Is Supreme Court Keeping Up?


Dear Editor:

Yes, we all remember Notorious RBG. I believe she was the best Supreme Court justice so far in my lifetime.

As arguments rage on both sides of our political aisle of appointees seated and number, I was interested in the numbers of federal judges in our history. Although the names some of the courts have changed, I have researched them and summarized the changes over time.

Let’s look at just SCOTUS appointees. Here is the breakdown: 1795 — one; 1789 — five; 1790 — six; 1884 — nine; present — nine.

We evolved into an appellate court with the addition of the Court of Appeals which seeks judicial reviews from the Supreme Court on controversial and complex issues.

Let’s look at the numbers in history of the Court of Appeals.
• 1891 — 19
• 2021 — 179

Let’s not forget district courts: 679 (174 filled by Trump).

We have a very complex society. Does it make sense that lower courts continue to grow as our citizens, too, yet the pinnacle of our justice system is stagnant?

Can nine balance the amount of challenges and make decisions that reflect the legal justice for a diverse increasing population?

What about with all the future private space adventures? How will they enforce legal rights of travelers or maybe residents? Some things to ponder.

James Lamberth,
Cape Charles

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