Time for Change – Vote Norton


Dear Editor:

Thank you for your recent article highlighting the interview with the two candidates vying for the Virginia House of Delegates 100th District Seat.  I read with interest the words of Robert Bloxom the Republican incumbent and Finale Johnson Norton, his Democratic challenger.

I feel compelled to write this letter because I found it interesting that Del. Bloxom referenced the negativity and verbal attacks that run rampant, most generated on social media.  It brought to mind a recent exchange that I had when commenting on a political advertisement.  My question was forthright and valid and was not insulting or demeaning.  I stated that as a new resident to the Eastern Shore, I was curious to know why so many consider Bloxom to be the better choice all because he was born and raised here.  I also wondered why the same issues Bloxom campaigned for in previous elections are still the same now, years later.  Legitimate questions to ask an incumbent yet the name-calling that ensued as well as some of the comments directed at me were a perfect example of the negativity that runs rampant. That is not the way one shows support, nor does it bode kindly on their candidate.  To quote Del. Bloxom, “I wonder if people would say these things if they had to speak face-to-face with someone.”

I have considered both candidates, did my own research, and have decided it is time for a change and so I support Finale Johnson Norton!  She, too, is a native of the Eastern Shore, and is not a career politician. Her willingness to listen and learn will serve us well.

Theresa Gross, Onancock

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