Community Needs To Be Proactive With Stray Cats


Dear Editor:

I’m writing you again today regarding cats. I read your article in your paper about the Accomack County nonprofit group improving the lives of community cats. Communities must take care of the issue. Quit ignoring and complaining about it. It should not be a burden for just a few folks trying to make these cats have a better quality of life. I have a colony and they are on my property. I feed them and try my best to get them medical attention. It has become extremely overwhelming.

Recently, I started a GoFundMe account. I did receive $250, and that was enough to spay five cats. Unfortunately, the PETA and SPCA mobile medical vans have not scheduled any dates to return to the lower Eastern Shore. Three of these cats are already pregnant. I put five cats on Facebook for adoption, letting people know that three of them have been fixed, along with their photos. They are cute, young, and need homes. I posted it three times – no one wanted them. This has to be a community effort. People need to take action. First off, they need to adopt a cat. Cats are unique, smart, clean and each has its own personalities.

We should not kill them. Killing them is inhumane. I feel there is hope for all of them. I still have Sammy the cat with the rotten teeth. It’s going to cost me quite a bit to have his teeth removed. But I have no choice; it must be done. I am his caretaker. Folks in Northampton County and these communities need to quit complaining or ignoring the problem and use their time to take action and help these community cats. Start a fund drive, adopt a cat, adopt two cats for heaven’s sake. You won’t regret it. They will bring joy to your life.

Sally Charnock,
Cape Charles

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