Feral Cat Fix Not Working


Dear Editor:

I have heard a lot about all the feral cats people are taking care of. They trap them, have then neutered, and then put them back into the wild. It seems to me if they really liked cats they would take them home and love them.

Cats are predators just like lions, tigers, leopards. These cat rescuers take food two or three times a week, and think they are keeping the cats fed.

In most cases, the coons come in and the first night eat all the food left for the cats. What we have now is a hungry cat that will kill songbirds, baby rabbits, and any wildlife it can sneak up on.

Australia has lost some of it endangered species due to feral cats. Cat lovers, you are not doing the cats, or the Eastern Shore’s wildlife, any favors, leaving them out to face the winters. I don’t know what the solution is other than euthanasia, but it’s not what is being done.

James Formyduval,

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