Cats and Kittens Need Help


Dear Editor:

My brother found four kittens covered under a plastic bowl yesterday at the dump in Northampton, barely alive.

We took them to animal control in Melfa. One had to be euthanized; his intestines were hanging out. Three are in foster care to see if they survive. Approximately two weeks ago, I found four dead kittens in the plastic containers used for shelters.

Someone from a local cat organization dumps food and leaves. She does not clean their feeding stations, give them water, or check the shelters. She is supposed to trap them and have them fixed. Therefore, they just keep breeding.

This person has several locations where she leaves food. My brother and I have a cat colony and, yes, it’s getting out of control. A month ago I had to take one of the strays to the vet. It was dying. The vet sedated it; all his teeth are rotten. She gave him fluids and a shot of antibiotic. I just could not put it to sleep. He is all right for now. The bill is almost $300. To have his teeth removed would probably be over $1,000.

There has to be someone or something that can be done for these cats. I’m sure there are a lot of folks that are trying their best to help with this terrible situation. I’m tired of it all and seeing little dead kittens makes it worse.

Sally Charnock

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