PTA Recognizes Student Arts and Citizenship Contest Winners

The Virginia PTA Reflections 2020 winners from the Eastern Shore district are Kayla Ross, of Chincoteague Elementary, for photograaphy; Locklyn Giddings, of Chincoteague Elementary, for music; and Za’Naija Walker (not pictured), of Northampton High School, for music. Photo by Stefanie Jackson.

By Stefanie Jackson – The Eastern Shore District PTA’s annual meeting and awards ceremony in Exmore Town Park April 27 was an event of special significance to parents, teachers, and students, since last year’s event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eastern Shore PTA District Director Joy Phillips, who is both an Accomack County parent and teacher, acknowledged the unique challenges the pandemic has presented to parents.

“Some days, like tonight, it is easy to be a parent – to watch your child get an award and to watch their success. But some days, parenting has become a daunting task, especially during a pandemic.

“Between the virtual and hybrid learning, the new childcare challenges, and making sure you find the perfect social balance for your child, all (while) protecting them from situations where they are vulnerable, it is hard.

“And then, on top of that, you have taken the time to come to PTA and to participate in your child’s school education and to advocate not just for your child, but for children in and out of our community. Thank you,” Phillips said.

Guests at the event included Accomack schools Superintendent Chris Holland, Chincoteague Elementary School Principal Marge Rosati, Kegotank Elementary School Principal Teresa Ibarra, Accawmacke Elementary School Principal Javan Thompson, Metompkin Elementary School Assistant Principal Michelle Buell, and Northampton art teacher David Warren.

Virginia PTA Secretary Scott Rhyne spoke and shared remarks by Virginia PTA President Pamela Croom, who could not attend. Rhyne also assisted in the presentation of the awards to the winning students.

Citizenship Award essay winners for 2020 placed in the following categories:

Elementary School Grades K-2

First, Chase Kirby, Occohannock

Second, Amelia MacDonald, Occohannock

Third, Kassidy Johnson, Occohannock

Elementary School Grades 3-5

First, Jesse Burdette, Kegotank

Second, Danielle Fonseca, Kiptopeke

Third, Ryan Asal, Kiptopeke

Elementary/Middle School Grades 6-8

First, Domingo Brown Jr., Kiptopeke

Second, Kayla Hicks, Northampton

Third, Maliyah Jones, Kiptopeke

Elementary school students who won the Special Writer awards for 2020 were:

First, MeKayla Penn, Kiptopeke

Second, Daniel Alvarado, Kiptopeke

Third, Alan Sardeneta, Kiptopeke

The Reflections Award winners for 2020, by category, grade division, and awarding school PTA (all based in elementary schools except Northampton) were:

Film Production

Primary, Locklyn Giddings, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Kaitlyn Phillips, Accawmacke

Intermediate, Julia Duston, Chincoteague

Music Composition

Primary, Teagan Farmer, Metompkin

Primary, Locklyn Giddings, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Samrit Kaur, Kiptopeke

Intermediate, ShiHeem Goff, Kegotank

Intermediate, Liliana Mason, Metompkin

Intermediate, Cole Hudson, Chincoteague

Middle School, Jugraj Singh, Kiptopeke


Primary, Cooper Atkins, Chincoteague

Primary, Sidney Anders, Metompkin

Primary, Madelyn Holloway, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Ezirah Stevenson, Accawmacke

Intermediate, C’Asia Abbott, Metompkin

Intermediate, Samrit Kaur, Kiptopeke

Middle School, Ava Siegrist, Kiptopeke

High School, Anaeli Clarke, Northampton

Dance Choreography

Primary, Luciana Vasilou, Chincoteague

Primary, Teagan Farmer, Metompkin

Primary, Savannah Malkovich, Accawmacke

Intermediate, Rylee Giddings, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Alyssa Phillips, Accawmacke

Intermediate, Samrit Kaur, Kiptopeke

Intermediate, Raven Payne, Metompkin


Primary, Kayla Ross, Chincoteague

Primary, Ella Stabler, Metompkin

Primary, Valerie Stabler, Metompkin

Intermediate, Julia Duston, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Sanaa McNeal-Matthew, Kiptopeke

Middle School, Ava Siegrist, Kiptopeke

Middle School, Alexis Gerber, Northampton

Special Artist, Dax Kraske, Chincoteague

Visual Arts

Primary, Reid Beck, Accawmacke

Primary, Willow Snead, Metompkin

Primary, Logan Speidel, Chincoteague

Primary, Jacoby Brown, Kegotank

Primary, Iris Snead, Metompkin

Primary, Samrit Kaur, Kiptopeke

Intermediate, Tehreem Amjad, Kegotank

Intermediate, Bradley Rogers, Accawmacke

Intermediate, Jayden Merritt, Chincoteague

Intermediate, Ty’laye Smith, Northampton

Middle School, Ashley Austin, Arcadia

Middle School, Ava Siegrist, Kiptopeke

High School, Kyra Stratton, Northampton

Special Artist, ZaNaija Walker, Northampton

Special Artist, King Fosque, Chincoteague

Reflections Award winners for 2021 by category and grade level were:


K-2, Tate Clark

3-5, Madelyn Holloway

High school, Charlotte Henderson

Visual Arts

K-2, Kayla Ross

3-5, Julia Duston

Middle school, Giselle Cruz

High school, Rocio Pineda


K-2, Locklyn Giddings

3-5, Rylee Giddings


K-2, Kayla Ross

3-5, Julia Duston

High school, Daniela Siegrist


K-2, Locklyn Giddings

3-5, Luciana Vasilou

High school, Destiny Carrington


K-2, Locklyn Giddings

3-5, Julia Duston

Citizenship Award essay winners for 2021 were Kaur Samrit at the intermediate level and Daniela Siegrist at the high school level.

Special recognition was given to three students who won PTA Reflections awards at the state level:

Kayla Ross, of Chincoteague Elementary School, received an Award of Excellence in photography.

Locklyn Giddings, also of Chincoteague Elementary School, received an Award of Merit for primary music composition.

Za’Naija Walker, of Northampton High School, won a state award in Visual Arts.

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