Stop Harassing Phone Calls


Dear Editor:

I, among many others, especially our senior citizens, am constantly receiving unsolicited telephone calls, sometimes on an hourly basis. This practice is annoying, if not harassing.

For example, my sister recently received a call showing our deceased mother’s name as the caller and displaying her personal phone number.

On March 2, , on our landline, we received calls from nine different sources, none of which we knew or entertained: name unavailable, Trenton, Fla.; Sierra Madre, Calif.; Centreville, Va.; Sharps Chapel, Tenn.; Lubbock, Texas; Onancock (2); and Bayonne, N.J.

Recently, a family member was in the hospital. I knew when the phone rang, I should answer the call, only to find that the caller was yet another unfamiliar source.

I believe a stop could be put to this recurring annoyance. I seem to remember that was even a campaign promise which didn’t materialize.

Our telephones are essential and are being used contrary to that purpose. And we are paying the bill.

Norma H. Hurst, Accomac

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