Trash Pollutes Our Treasure


Dear Editor:

It occurs to me that, assuming we have access to a vehicle, we can get out for a drive in the beautiful country.

I find, however, all the “ditch garbage” depresses me more. What is it? Accidents happen when something flies out the window, but with the best convenience centers, and FREE system I’ve ever seen, what is thrown out windows in unforgivable.

We could remind folks with tasteful signs, fine or ask for a couple hours of clean up by polluters.

Last year on primary day, a Tuesday, I believe, the road crews were hard at work cleaning when the spanking white, beautiful car in front of me dropped from the driver’s side garbage landing near my hood. I took down the license plate. Then what? There are polluting factors going on here that are harder to control. We don’t need more plastic in our fields, streams, and waters, plus it looks awful!

Years ago, I was nonplussed to see a well-dressed woman stop her car to place a box in a ditch before entering a seaside neighborhood. Was that a gift to the ditch gods? Am I missing something?

On a different topic; to the woman who feels it’s wrong to rat on proprietors who don’t insist on masks, they shouldn’t have to. If Virginia mandates masks inside, businesses should post on their doors letting customers know. The onus should not be on customers.

Ann Violi, Harborton

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