Writer Should Look to History


Dear Editor:

Your frequent contributor Ed Bishop might do well to temper his enthusiasm for our recent President with a review of the basic principle of American Government.

The colonists were especially touchy about unrestrained executive power, what with their recent dust-up with King George III, and insisted on basing the new government on congressional oversight of the executive branch. When our former President ruled out cooperation, on principle, with ANY congressional committees, he showed himself to be, if no other kind, a constitutional criminal.

There’s little evidence that most, if not all, of his followers, have any interest in government. It’s a reality show, and they want on. He, having no interest in government either, encourages them in their fondest hope, that they can be him. Not being able to tell his followers how to do it, not knowing himself, he dooms them to fandom, in which they’re certain to be disappointed.

Van Smith, Melfa

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