Trump Was ‘Pretty Good’ President


Dear Editor:

If you look at Trump’s life and what he stood for in the past everyone liked him including most of the Democrats. He often donated to their election campaigns and everything was fine until that day he came down the escalator in 2015 and announced that he was running for President. From then on he was public enemy number one. Trump thought this country had made a wrong turn, and not seeing a candidate trying to turn it back decided to do it himself. I will admit that he’s a typical New York business man that will defend himself when attacked unlike most politicians which he’s not.

Some people are still deranged over Trump to the point that they lie to themselves and everyone else around them about who he is and what he stands for. They say he is anti-Semitic yet his daughter has converted to Judaism. He has also been the best Presidential friend that Israel has ever had. Certainly better than Obama and I don’t expect Biden to be any better. They call him a racist because he wanted to build a wall to keep illegal immigration down. It wasn’t because of their race but he wanted to know who is coming into this country. If a terrorist wanted to sneak a dirty bomb into this country that’s how they would come. Yet the real reasons the Democrats want the illegal immigration is because they think they will be able to buy their votes.

They call him a Nazi, yet it’s the Democrats and Tech Companies that want to censor other people’s opinions as hate speech. Another thing that the Nazis did was to take away the guns from the people, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I hate to admit it but enough people bought what the Democrats were selling to vote for a demented old man. I still think there were enough illegal votes to make a difference in this election but it had to be kept close enough to make a difference and with the virus they managed to do that.

I think with his accomplishments, history will judge him a pretty good President certainly better than the one he replaced and a whole lot better than the one replacing him.

Ed Bishop, Pungoteague

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