‘Misty of Chincoteague’ Stands the Test of Time


Dear Editor:

I hope it will be interesting to some folks of the mainland and Chincoteague to know that not all of the filming of “Misty of Chincoteague” was done on Chincoteague. A lot of the home scenes, for whatever reason, were filmed on Folly Creek, down Custis Neck, back of Accomac, on what was once known as the Carol Bull farm.

Whether you are 6 or 86, this film and M. Henry’s many books on the descendants of Misty make for good entertainment and the making of our history. One book is written around the terrible storm of March 1962 when the island was flooded and what actions were taken to save some of the ponies. Those folks set an example for generations to come as to what was required to preserve what they cared for.

We’re encouraged to stay at home and be safe because of this deadly virus. What a nice way to spend an evening with the whole family together watching “Misty of Chincoteague.” What a nice surprise for a child or adult to find one of Henry’s books or the film under the Christmas tree.

Our thanks to so many who have worked down through the years and are still working to care for the Chincoteague ponies and our Eastern Shore wildlife in general.

We are blessed here on the Eastern Shore with nature and all its beauty.

May we just take time to enjoy it and be thankful.

Billie Blackwell, Accomac

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