Election Reveals Narcissism, Hypocricy


Dear Editor:

My following remarks are not intended to impugn the motives and character of any individual voter. The level of turnout is to be commended, regardless of who those coming out to vote actually voted for.

What is troubling is the collective narcissism and hypocrisy that this election shows. In World War II, the American public put up with rationing and shortages with hardly a peep for the better part of four years. No armed thugs stormed a state legislature or plotted to kidnap a state governor.

Now there are whole groups of people who refuse to wear masks out of some misguided sense of “freedom.” Freedom to infect others? Guess what, your freedom stops at my lungs. And then there are the narcissistic egotistic members of the clergy who feel compelled to assemble large indoor crowds. Whatever happened to the theme of “being your brother’s keeper?” Is this being driven by the collection plate? Certainly religious services can be streamed on the internet for a while.

The “pro-life” faction (at the leadership level) is nothing but hypocrites. Backing a president whose ego and mismanagement has knowingly contributed to the death of a quarter million (and still counting) Americans. How is that “pro-life?” Backing a president who locks children up in little wire cages, resembling a concentration camp, where some died from influenza. How is that “pro-life?” Backing a president who wants to strip access to health care from 20 million Americans during a pandemic by overturning the Affordable Care Act, not to mention the implication for millions of others with pre-existing conditions. How is that “pro-life?”

One final miniexample of hypocrisy that I cannot leave unnoted. I have seen in several places properties festooned with Trump signs next to placards showing the Ten Commandments. Trump has shredded at least five of the Ten Commandments. People are free to express themselves in public, but others must feel free to comment on those expressions.

Rick Saunders, Chincoteague

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