Article Was Excellent


Dear Editor:

I want to commend you all and Mr. David Martin especially for the article in the Oct. 16 paper about the Bay of Pigs. It was excellent and amazing to hear the “rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say.

We lived in Grand Isle, La., at that same time with an offshore drilling company (Exxon) and our compound for families was facing south when this incident occurred.

The Exxon engineers and employees were told to ready themselves and families to be put aboard a steel floating barge that had living quarters below the water level for 200 people. We wondered what would happen to the others — Cajun families, etc., that lived on Grand Isle.

That was a perilous time an many people’s lives. We had three children under 6 years of age and we had nightmares about nuclear war.

God bless Mr. Martin and the Russian commander who saved us all by protecting his crew and bringing his submarine to the surface next to the Navy ships.

Jo and Kim Penland, Accomac

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