Trump Has Not Evolved; He Stands by Principles


Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Ms. McGuire’s letter of Aug. 28 (“Trump Hasn’t Evolved”).

Black Lives Matter started after the totally justified Ferguson police killing during the Obama administration. And with Antifa, which grew dramatically during that administration, the two together are causing great turmoil. No fault of President Trump.

Unlawful killing of Black people by police does occur and should be prosecuted. There is a very small percentage of bad cops, but there are good cops that respond appropriately, act lawfully, sometimes tragically killing someone, and then
are persecuted and prosecuted, also a tragedy.

The separation of (unlawful) immigrant families is sometimes necessary, as Obama discovered. Indeed, the “cages” were built and used during his administration.

There is no evidence that Mr. Putin placed a “bounty” on our soldiers.

Trump is not responsible for the COVID-19 virus. Was Wilson responsible for the 1917 Spanish flu pandemic that killed over 50 million worldwide and over 650,000 Americans, with much smaller populations? Was Obama responsible for the flu that killed tens of thousands during his administration? And didn’t Trump stop flights from China very early? And didn’t Biden call him a racist for this, and didn’t Pelosi party openly in San Francisco’s
Chinatown to show opposition?

When the pandemic started, we were in the best economic shape ever. Both the market and the workforce, especially Black and Hispanic

The Postal Service is in shambles by bad management and free market competition. It should be privatized.

Yes, we have evolved. Our education “industry” has indoctrinated our youngsters to the point that socialism seems near, which will cause us to end up like Venezuela and similar countries. Removing incentive removes ambition. And as Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

But Trump has not evolved. He still stands for protecting America and our borders; leaving the Middle East, the Iran deal, and the Paris Climate Accord, which designated China and India as “developing nations,” an act that exempted them; appointing Supreme Court justices that enforce the Constitution; removing restrictive government regulations; and making NAFTA and other trade treaties less unfavorable to the U.S.

Gene H. Gibson,

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