Tourism Commission Launches New Tourism Film


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The Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission has launched a new tourism film to attract visitors and travel writers for years to come. The nearly four-minute video, created by Jim Baugh Outdoors TV, highlights the Shore’s charming coastal towns, accommodations, outdoor adventures, local restaurants, museums, shopping experiences, and beautiful views.
This will not be the only video, however. The commission plans to create short, 30-second, social media-friendly videos to highlight different aspects of the Shore in a format that will engage users scrolling through their online feed. This two-pronged approach will attract users with short, topic-specific videos. Then, the longer tourism film will showcase the plethora of things to do on the Shore.
Robie Marsh, the commission’s executive director, knows video is extremely impactful in the high-paced digital era that we live in today. “Video tells a story that you can see, hear, and consequently feel. When you watch the tourism film, you feel what it is like to experience our isolated beaches, kayaking through peaceful creeks, eating fresh local seafood, or biking on our quiet and safe paths. You feel the tranquility of Virginia’s Eastern Shore,” he said, adding, “You do not have to read a long paragraph or scroll through photos. The information comes straight to the viewer in an engaging way.”
Additionally, the tourism film will continuously play at the Eastern Shore of Virginia Welcome Center. The commission’s assistant executive director, Christy Betz, is excited for visitors to see the updated video as they inquire for information at the center.
“It’s such a beautiful video,” said Betz. “Everything from the music to the scenery to the story of the film highlights all the aspects that make the Eastern Shore of Virginia a unique and a must-see destination.”
The film is posted on the commission’s Facebook, Visit Eastern Shore, Virginia, and YouTube, VisitESVA. The short videos have not been released at this time. The project was funded in part by Virginia Tourism Corporation’s 50 Years of Love grant awarded to the commission in 2019.

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