Northampton Town Election Results Announced


By Stefanie Jackson – One Northampton town will have a new council member following Tuesday’s election – the Cape Charles town council will welcome Andrew Follmer to its fold.

Follmer ran for the Cape Charles town council in 2018, but the three seats available

went to current council members Tammy Holloway, Paul Grossman, and Chris Bannon.

This year, three more seats on the six-person council were up for grabs. Councilmen Andy Buchholz and Steve Bennett were up for re-election, and a third seat was left vacant by Cela Burge, who recently became a judge in the Accomack Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

Both councilmen retained their seats, with Buchholz receiving 232 votes and Bennett receiving 214 votes. Follmer got 186 votes, or about 45% more than he got in 2018.

Two other candidates fell short: Charles “Sambo” Brown, who previously served on the Cape Charles town council, had 161 votes, and Herb Thom had 100 votes.

There were 11 votes for write-in candidates out of 904 total votes for the Cape Charles town council.

There will be no changes to the Exmore town council. Three councilmen were up for re-election, and all ran unopposed and retained their seats.

Thomas Lewis got 71 votes, John Metz got 66 votes, and Chase Sturgis got 63 votes.

There were three votes for write-in candidates out of 203 total votes for the Exmore town council.

Of 948 registered voters from Cape Charles, 345, or 36%, made their choices in the voting booth.

Of 984 registered voters from Exmore, 91, or just 9%, showed up at the polls.

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