Letter Writer Is Wrong


Dear Editor:

In response to the “Impeachment Is Justified” letter to the editor (Jan. 24). I would like to say that Elizabeth Warren would be a great choice to set this country back (as president).

Want to talk about impeachable acts? How about a governor that stayed hidden for several months, resurfacing only after a statewide tragedy, only to gain a political edge. Weak-minded people tend to follow weak leaders and in the case of last May 31, no leadership at all.

What you Democrats do not get is that mental health issues are not connected through gun reform. I am so proud of the 20,000 people that stood in Richmond on Jan. 20, 2020, as well as the citizens of Accomack who voted no for Ralph Northam.

In closing, I say Virginia Beach strong and Virginia as a whole strong, without those narrow-minded Democrats changing any more of our gun laws.

Eddy Ewell,
New Church

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