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Accomack County Parks and Recreation 2020 Youth Basketball Game Schedule 

Accomack County Parks and Recreation kicked off its 2020 Youth Basketball season at Arcadia High School on Saturday, January 18. The season started off with some competitive games. ACPR Celtics 2, coached by Ronnie Budd and Alphonso Shockley defeated the Knights 2 coached by Adrian Smith.

Nathaniel Matthews led the Celtics 2 with 12 points and Tykice Sample led the Knights 2 team with 12 points.

The second contest had the Lakers 2 coached by Terry Ballard and Terrell Wise defeating the Cavaliers coached by Steve Walker. LaMarcus Douglas led the Lakers 2 team with 11 points and Marquis Steward of the Cavaliers scored 5 points.

On Saturday, January 25, games will be held at the Arcadia High School. Adults are asked to donate $1 to ACPR’s Programs. The schedule is 9 a.m. – Celtics vs. Horntown Heat (ages 5-8), 10 a.m. – Knights vs. Wizards (ages 5-8), 11 a.m. – Knights vs. Wizards (ages 9-12), noon – Celtics vs. Lakers (ages 9-12), 1 p.m. – Hornets vs. Lakers (ages 5-8), 2 p.m. – Lakers vs. Knights (ages 9-12), 3 p.m. – 13-15  (game.)

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