Impeachment Is Being Used as a Weapon


Dear Editor:

Please see the speech below by Rep. Clay Higgins. It is so on-target; Democrats have been talking impeachment ever since President Trump was elected. They thought Clinton had the election in the bag.

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have descended into the belly of the beast. I have witnessed the terror within. And I rise committed to oppose the insidious forces which threaten our Republic. America’s being severely injured by this betrayal, by this unjust and weaponized impeachment, brought upon us by the same socialists who threaten unborn life in the womb, who threaten First Amendment rights of conservatives, who threaten Second Amendment protections of every American patriot, and who have long ago determined that they would organize and conspire to overthrow President Trump. We don’t face this horror because the Democrats have all of a sudden become constitutionalists, we are not being devoured from within because of some surreal assertion of the socialist newfound love for the very flag that they try trod upon. We face this horror because of this map, this is what the Democrats fear. They fear the true will of we the people. They are deep established D.C. They fear, they call this Republican map flyover country. They call us deplorables. They fear our faith, they fear our strength, they fear our unity, they fear our vote, and they fear our president. We will never surrender our nation to career establishment D.C. politicians and bureaucrats. Our republic shall survive this threat from within. American patriots shall prevail. Mr. Speaker, I yield.”
— Rep. Clay Higgins

I am neither a Republican, Democrat or any set party. I vote for the best person to do the job. Clinton was not it, just like this Warren lady is not it.

Art Thornton, Onancock

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