Is Exmore the Last Bastion of Bill of Rights?


Dear Editor:

This letter responds to the December 6 article “A Shore First: Exmore Is Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

While I applaud the intent and actions of the Exmore town council, I find it very distressing that there is a need for any of our rights to need “sanctuary.” America should be the shining beacon on the hill to a world where rights are frequently abused or denied, therefore our entire country should be a Bill of Rights sanctuary; Second Amendment included.

I fault not only the National Rifle Association but all Second Amendment rights groups for not banding together 20 years ago to pool their resources and membership to get a Constitutional Amendment out of Congress clarifying and securing our right to keep and bear arms for all legitimate and traditional purposes.

But the main problem is decades of poor education in our schools, an unrelenting assault by a biased mass media, and tireless efforts by ideological groups bent on nullifying the American Revolution so as to bring us back to 1774 and central State control.

I shudder to think that places like Exmore might be the sites of the Last Stand of the Bill of Rights.

Brian G. Bloedel

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