Bloxom Wrong on Menhaden


Dear Editor:

I sent the following addressed to Del. Rob Bloxom on election day:

I have been and am an ardent supporter of conservative political issues for the entirety of my adult and adolescent life. I have missed zero national elections and have supported every Republican nominee in every race to date from 1972 on.

However, that appears to be at risk today, since I became aware, mistakenly, I hope, of your refusal to support the cessation of legislative direction of the menhaden fishery. It is obvious to any serious conservationist that the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia is inept at best, and corrupt at worst, when it comes to management of the menhaden fishery.

All who care are aware of Omega Protein’s efforts to effectively buy off the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I’m sorry to say that apparently, you are included. Shame on you. That is dishonest, in my opinion, and that is the only opinion I care to subscribe to.

Jeffery L. McCoy, Accomac

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