Pipe Bomb Owner Receives Prison Terms


By Linda Cicoira — An Onancock man was sentenced to 24 years in prison Thursday in Accomack Circuit Court for several drug offenses and the manufacture of two pipe bombs.

All but six years was suspended for Huhi Aman-Re, previously known as Terrell Stewart, 41, of Boundary Avenue. The crimes occurred in August 2018.

“These charges … are very serious,” Judge W. Revell Lewis III said before handing down the terms. “I’m not quite sure why you would want these things unless for acts of violence,” he added referring to the bombs.

Aman-Re was given two years each for possession of cocaine and heroin with all but two months suspended, and five years each for possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm by a felon, and two counts of manufacturing the bombs. All but a year and five months each was suspended for those convictions. All the terms were set to run consecutively. Upon release, Lewis ordered Aman-Re to be on indefinite supervised probation and good behavior for 20 years.

“Basically, I allowed it to be somewhere close to my person and I got caught with it there,” Aman-Re testified regarding the charges. He blamed his emotional distress regarding the death of his mother in 2017. “I became irresponsible … I was anxious and depressed.” The defendant said he has since gotten help. Aman-Re said he pleaded guilty “because I have to face my accountability.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Fultz wanted stiff sentences for Aman-Re based not only on the seriousness of the crimes but on his “violent criminal past” that included convictions of robbery and abduction.

Defense lawyer Carl Bundick asked for leniency based on his pleas of guilty and his cooperation.

In August 2018, Trooper Clifton Hughes smelled marijuana coming from inside the house where he tracked a man suspected of fleeing from a traffic crash, according to previous testimony and court records. Officers later seized the bombs, ammo, a total of $2,858 in cash, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, scales with white residue, Fentanyl, a bulletproof vest, six guns, several off-white powders, packaging materials, two cell phones, two laptops, grinders, and drug paraphernalia. Aman-Re was not the man involved in the accident but lived at the house.

Two of the six firearms and both pipe bombs were found in his bedroom. A bomb was found “in the left pocket of a jacket hanging in his closet,” the record stated.

“In the living room, a scale with white powder residue was in plain view on the coffee table,” a court document stated. “I entered the bedroom and further discovered a loaded pistol underneath the dresser in plain view. I then spotted a small baggie of marijuana on a nightstand. In plain view, there was a large sum of cash and a pipe bomb in a glass bowl in plain view. Further investigation in an opened closet discovered a large sum of cash and a baggie with suspected crack cocaine. Underneath the bed, was a loaded M&P handgun that came back stolen along with more drug paraphernalia.” 

The defendant said he was convicted in 2000 for 1999 offenses and served 9 years and 9 months of an 11-year sentence in prison.

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