Regarding Firehouse Sale


Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Ms. Kathy Scott’s letter in last week’s edition where she said “any members of the Chincoteague Fire Department, maybe you should abstain from voting due to conflict of interest?”

If Ms. Scott had put forth the time and effort to either attend the meeting or watch the meeting via internet, she would have seen that the only regular member of the fire company, the only officer of the fire company, the only board of director’s member of the fire company that currently serves on council, in fact DID NOT vote on the matter and that same person also DID NOT take part in any discussion on the matter as it was discussed by council. Guess who that council member is? ME!

However, I can only imagine morning coffeehouse discussions, watercooler meetings and bathroom break bashing of items, people, and government from people who neither educate themselves, nor investigate, nor listen before solving issues for things that they know absolutely nothing about and choose to know nothing about.

Please people, I beg of you: attend meetings, watch meetings, get involved, and ask questions. You may be surprised at what you can really learn! I know I have certainly learned how matters work.

This letter is my opinion only and does not represent any opinions of the CVFC or Town Council.

Denise Bowden, Chincoteague

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