Candidates’ Alternative Energy Statements Questioned


Dear Editor:

At the candidates’ forum on Tuesday, Oct. 8, two candidates for the board of supervisors made statements that need to be addressed.

Mr. Harrison Phillips (incumbent, District 4) expressed concern about the loss of agricultural land if we permit large-scale solar installations. I have never heard this concern raised when other forms of agricultural land conversion have been proposed; for example, for housing or retail business. Why are solar projects held to a different standard? One does not need to drive far in Accomack County to see many acres of agricultural land already not in use and cornfields for sale and zoned commercial.

Mr. Jackie Phillips (candidate, District 7) stated that solar and wind energy is more expensive than energy from fossil fuels and that he supports nuclear energy. Reports from the Energy Information Administration and others show that the cost of electricity generation from solar and wind generation is now comparable or less than that from conventional fossil fuels and nuclear.

Good decisions require good data. I hope that Mr. Phillips will make himself aware of current information before he makes any further statements on this subject.

Janet Rochester, Onancock

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