Wind Energy Has Downsides


Dear Editor:

I read in the Post that a Virginia offshore wind farm has been approved, although I don’t recall any hearings involving commercial fishermen. Offshore wind farms change ocean currents and the vibrations drive away fish. This has happened off England.

Wind farms, so far, do not lessen the need for conventional energy sources since there is no way to store wind energy. They are not as environmentally friendly as touted. They leak oil and must have their parts replaced, including fiberglass that can’t be recycled. They kill birds. They need expensive repairs. They increase the cost of electricity. The article doesn’t mention any of these things.

It mentions Virginia politicians talking about global warming and sea level rise. Has global warming been proven? Most scientists say not. The last ice age ended 100 years ago and we are just getting warmed up. Sea level rise worldwide is insignificant. I’ve been informed that what we have in the Chesapeake Bay region isn’t sea level rise, but land sinking. This is caused by a meteor that hit the area millions of years ago. This information is from people with more scientific minds than mine. Yet, I’ve never read this when politicians promote wind energy.

These wind farms are owned by foreign companies, subsidized with our tax dollars. If they weren’t subsidized, wind farms wouldn’t be built. The thing that will affect us all the most is the increase in the cost of electricity.

I’m writing in spite of the ad hominem attacks you printed regarding my last letter. I suppose this will prick more sanctimonious bubbles. People need more information on offshore wind.

Beverly Lynch, Painter

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