E.S. Cross-Country Season Begins

The girls division starts the race ten minutes after the boys with only Arcadia having a full squad.

Story and Photos by Brennan Waldorf

Eastern Shore Cross-Country opened up last week Sept. 12 with Arcadia, Chincoteague, Nandua, and Northampton competing at Nandua High School. The conditions were not ideal for the first meet where runners endured a sunny day that featured no wind and heat exceeding 90 degrees. Through sheer determination and toughness the runners pushed their bodies and minds to overcome both the course and the less than ideal weather conditions. 

Carlo Balmoria recorded the best time of the meet when he crossed the finish line at 19:42.

Scoring in cross-country is based on the top five runners for your team. Where they finish in the meet correlates to their score; similar to golf, the lower the score the better. For this meet, the Nandua boys finished in first place with a perfect score of 15 with their top runners claiming the top five spots. Northampton placed second with 71 points, Chincoteague placed third with 89 points, and Arcadia finished fourth with 90 points.

Arcadia’s girls team claimed the top spot as they were the only team with a full squad of five. More females will be running as the season progresses. 

Top finishers in the girls category were 1.  Daniela Gonzalez (NHS) 2. Areli Enrique (NAN) 3. Victoria Shaw (AHS) 4. Wendy Martinez (NHS) 5. Lacey Gouldin (NAN) 6. Arisbeth Gomez (AHS) 7.Yadira Gomez (AHS) 8.Carley Fragda (CHS) 9. Nora Bahn (NAN) 10. Ally Pearce (CHS)

Top finishers in the boys category were 1. Carlo Balmoria (NAN) 2. David Gastelum 3. Bryan Tinoco (NAN) 4. Sebastian Bonilla (NAN) 5. Ethan Harrower (NAN) 6. Panuncio Chavez (NAN) 7.Riley Bull (NAN) 8. Cameron Mears (NAN) 9. Eddie Maldonado (NHS) 10. Jackson Mcguire (CHS)

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