Burford Will Look Out for Students, Teachers, and Staff


Dear Editor:

This letter is for concerned citizens of District 4, (Parksley, Bloxom, and Saxis Fire Department voters). There is a very important election coming up in November that can bring wonderful opportunity for fresh ideas and a welcomed change to our school board. A change that over 70% of the Eastern Shore voters wanted when it was proposed on the ballot, yet so few districts are going to be able to see. Luckily District 4 is one of the places where there is a possibility for a change on the board.

As a parent, I hope that everyone takes the time to educate themselves on who is running in our district and what they have to offer our children and the future of our schools. Lord knows we need someone with a better plan than what we have now. Our buildings are neglected until problems are huge and causing health issues, some schools wouldn’t be able to run without the loyal substitutes they have because we are lacking in so many teachers, sometimes students don’t receive the books they need for classes until weeks into the semester, they have cut programs so badly that they are virtually non-existent, and the children are eating lunches that I wouldn’t feed my dogs (but at least it’s free for all). The list goes on and on. Let’s not even discuss how we cannot keep educators here, unless they absolutely love this place, because we pay them squat and then there’s the cost of the healthcare for school employees. That’s criminal. And believe me it didn’t go un-noticed that until recently, the special education department needed its own accommodations to barely function.

All of these things and so much more are the reason that I am supporting Connie Burford for the school board in District 4.

When I first moved here, I met Connie at a volleyball game. Both of our daughter’s played. She was a passionate, caring, and understanding person who was easy to talk to. We became friends. Anytime I had questions about school policy or rules she was quick to give me an answer. When I was upset about the music/band program being cut at the high school, I called her again and asked her advice. She helped me with a presentation to the board. I received a letter of response back from the board saying that more money would be put into band and the music program the following year. It never was.

I know that Connie will continue to look out for the students, teachers and support staff the way she always has over the years. She won’t change once she gets on the board and that’s exactly what that board needs.

Shelley Bessie, Parksley

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