Parents Should Be Responsible for Kids’ Lunches


Dear Editor:

In the ancient times when I went to school, our parents fed us breakfast and sent us to school with either lunch money or a packed lunch. They considered peanut butter or cheese sandwiches acceptable.

Everyone in our class knew everyone and I don’t recall a child who didn’t have lunch money, unless they forgot, or a packed lunch. Some of my poor classmates used privies for toilets, wore hand-me-downs or lived with relatives, but all had lunches.

Today, poor children get free or reduced price school breakfast and lunch. Their families get food, cash, medical, and other assistance. Some of their mothers get their hair and nails done and carry smart phones. We’ve seen them use assistance cards.

In spite of this aid, some parents don’t provide their children with lunch money or packed lunches. So the county supervisors are considering “free” breakfast and lunch for all children, paid by the federal government, the taxpayers.

The Post poll showed that sixty percent of respondents approved of this. They must believe that parents are not responsible for their children.  I suspect if names weren’t printed, more people would have disapproved, but people don’t want others to think they are mean. Is there anything meaner than teaching children they are entitled to “free” food, medical care, education, etc? Perhaps this is what “free’ education has taught generations now.

Beverly Lynch

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